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Toska #7 Jill Kittock -- 1st Printing 1st Edition

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Jill's house was nestled up against a tiny park and a hill. She and her partner greeted me at the door offered me a drink and showed me around. My eyes darted around Jill's studio as there were many interesting things to look at and then we headed downstairs to the big kitchen table to talk... and talk... and talk.... I think we talked for two hours. It was great! Jill shared some of the challenges of doing art full time, the importance of talking about art and art history, what it was like to leave a full time graphic design job to pursue art full time, and the social changes that occur when you make the creative life your life.

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How is Toska mailed?

It's sent via regular mail in a nice envelope and a couple of stamps.

When will a subscription be sent?

At the beginning and middle of the month.

How long does it take to reach me?

Up to 3 weeks. The postal system is a little slow sometimes. We aren't sure why!