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Toska #5 Paul Bond -- 1st Printing 1st Edition

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If you can't see a house number as you pull up to a strangers house you're never quite sure if you're at the right spot. But when I pulled up to Paul's place I knew it must be right because vines were engulfing the doorway and a monkey was hanging from a limb of the tree. Paul and his wife were warm and inviting, we wandered and chatted through the house to the studio. In this issue Paul discusses going for painting full time later in life, how he creates worlds within worlds, stays playful, and connects with his collectors. 


Basic info about the zine and shipping.

How is Toska mailed?

It's sent via regular mail in a nice envelope and a couple of stamps.

When will a subscription be sent?

At the beginning and middle of the month.

How long does it take to reach me?

Up to 3 weeks. The postal system is a little slow sometimes. We aren't sure why!