Toska has dropped!

Toska has dropped!

This day has been quietly coming for a while. I started connecting with and interviewing artists months ago and had a whole plan laid out. The idea was to interview at least 12 artists before launching so if I had to pause for some reason then issues could keep coming out. But then there was a problem. My mom began to decline. 

Mom was first diagnosed with lung cancer 7 years ago after getting an unrelated chest X-ray. She went through two surgeries and radiation. The cancer went into remission for a bit which lifted her spirits but when it came back she didn’t want more medical help. So we all waited, went on walks, and talked about life and projects. She was always such an interested listener. One of the last projects I kept her up to date on was Toska. She loved hearing about the different artists I had the opportunity to meet. 

After mom passed in December many of my projects went quiet except for fits and starts. But now, as winter fades, it’s time to get Toska rolling. 

So here we are! 3 issues are being quietly dropped in the mail to 300+ art classrooms across the country. If you are in the inaugural group I hope you enjoy Toska!

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