Initial response to Toska

Initial response to Toska

I haven’t yet received physical mail from anyone. (If you’re interested, please send a letter, a sketch, whatever you want to the address below.) But the response has been awesome! Here is some of what’s been said.


My students love reading through Toska- especially after our Zoom meeting and greater understanding of it's purpose. - West Virginia

I absolutely LOVE getting Toska!! My Art 1 kids had just finished a Zines project, so it was perfect timing.  Thanks so much for all your resources! - Texas

Toska helps us introduce new artists! - Florida

Yes! Please keep sending Toska to my school! I love them and have had a great time introducing these new artists to my art students. Thank you so much for all that you do for arts education! - California

I’ve been sharing Toska with my fellow art teachers, especially ones who have students getting ready to look into art school and they love it! - Massachusetts 


It’s motivating to hear! Toska is a passion project that hasn’t yet found full footing so if you have something to say about Toska or if you hear someone say something about Toska, we’d love to hear it! Please text me at 651-321-4996. Or of course, you can send a message any other way you wish.  :)



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