Giveaways & Social media

Giveaways & Social media

I'll be honest, I've never been excited about social media until Toska. I think having the emotional distance has helped. Now instead of sharing my art I get to share other people's amazing work. I get to champion their endeavors! Which is pretty darn cool.

When launching our Instagram and TikTok pages I was trying to find a way to differentiate our content. I decided to go a bit more real, a little more hands on, and not quite as slick and pretty. You'll also find giveaways fairly regularly. What kind of giveaways you ask? Well, every time we share a new issue we'll find some random item to reveal and giveaway at the end of the video. We also have a drawing challenge that anyone can participate in. The new prompt is reveal every Tuesday and ends Saturday night at 7pm eastern. The winner gets $50 for art supplies! Not too shabby :)

We hope you appreciate the run and gun spirit of Toska. A lot more gets done that way!

If you know someone that draws and think they might want $50 for art supplies, send them a note!

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